Noctropolis Achievement List

City of Night City of Night
Reach Noctropolis
Recruit the Righteous Recruit the Righteous
Befriend Father Desmond
A Sultry Send-off A Sultry Send-off
Defeat the Succubus
Super Sharp Sidekick Super Sharp Sidekick
Team up with Stiletto
Birth of a Hero Birth of a Hero
Become the new Darksheer
Toxic Turmoil Toxic Turmoil
Shut down Greenthumb’s greenhouse
Operatic Overkill Operatic Overkill
Survive the assault of Tophat
Psychotic Break Psychotic Break
Kill Master Macabre
It Was Only a Nightmare It Was Only a Nightmare
Escape the Drealmer’s dream world
Subterranean Solution Subterranean Solution
Escape Master Macabre’s maze
Hidden Achievement
Remember His Sign Remember His Sign
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
New Adventures Await New Adventures Await
Defeat the arch-villain
The Widow Awaits The Widow Awaits
Find the Bornick Mansion
Dynamic Devastation Dynamic Devastation
Find Dynatek and Incarnate’s ruins
At the End of His Rope At the End of His Rope
Find the Neon Noose