New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia Achievement List

Lightning Fast Lightning Fast
Completed a mini-game in less than a minute.
Clever Cookie Clever Cookie
Completed 3 mini-games in a row without using the Skip button.
Puzzle Pro Puzzle Pro
Completed the main and bonus chapters without skipping mini-games.
Master of Detail Master of Detail
Collected all the phantom objects.
Impatient Impatient
Clicked more than three times in one second in a hidden object scene.
Sniper Sniper
Found 3 items in 3 seconds in a hidden object scene.
Stubborn Stubborn
Completed the main and bonus chapters without using hints in hidden object scenes.
Careful Careful
Completed a hidden object scene without random clicks.
Collector Collector
Completed all collections.
Erudite Erudite
Completed the symbol plates mini-game without excess clicks.
Expert Expert
Completed the main chapter on Hard mode.
Train Driver Train Driver
Completed a trip in the underground city.
Good Listener Good Listener
Completed the main and bonus chapters without skipping dialogs or movies.
Perseverance Perseverance
Completed a mini-game in more than 5 minutes.
Gambler Gambler
Completed the casino chip collection.
Fashionable Fashionable
Completed the tie collection.
Traveler Traveler
Completed the briefcase collection.
Attentive Attentive
Completed the statue of liberty collection.
Historian Historian
Arranged the books showing the presidents’ portraits in chronological order.
Artist Artist
Completed the spot the difference mini-game without making a mistake.