Neon Space Achievement List

Use blink 5 times Use blink 5 times
What kind of sorcery is this?
Use slow time 5 times Use slow time 5 times
Is Chronos your brother?
Finish level one Finish level one
Good job rookie!
Finish final boss Finish final boss
There is no limit for your neon glow.
Activate first time checkpoint Activate first time checkpoint
You better keep an eye on that watch!
Die once Die once
Glow brighter my precious…
Get 10 bronze medals Get 10 bronze medals
You are on the right way. Keep going!
Get 10 silver medals Get 10 silver medals
You want to be famous?
Get 10 gold medals Get 10 gold medals
Shine like your skills, right?
Get 20 medals Get 20 medals
Looks like you don’t want to be average player!
Get 50 medals Get 50 medals
Wow. Your skill are stunning!
Activate 10 checkpoints Activate 10 checkpoints
Thats right. Keep your focus sharp!
Activate 20 checkpoints Activate 20 checkpoints
There is nothing to stop you!
Activate 50 checkpoints Activate 50 checkpoints
You started to be an expert!