Nebula Online Achievement List

Destroer Destroer
Destroy enemy
Defender Defender
Destroy enemy ship of another player in you race’s solar system
Space adventurer Space adventurer
Destroy enemy ship of another player in a solar system of another race
Repairing work Repairing work
Repair 50000 points of your ship’s damaged covering
Destructive power Destructive power
Damage enemy ship’s housing by 50000 points
Expansion of possession Expansion of possession
Capture 1 solar system
Techsmith Techsmith
Craft 1 module
Nebula’s miner Nebula’s miner
Obtain 10 ores
Drilling works Drilling works
Obtain 10 nebula elements
Pirate’s destroyer Pirate’s destroyer
Destroy 5 Space pirates ships
O’Shali’s destroyer O’Shali’s destroyer
Destroy 5 O’Shali ships
Llerey’s destroyer Llerey’s destroyer
Destroy 5 Llerey ships
Member of a space society Member of a space society
Join a coalition
Important member of a space society Important member of a space society
Get an officer rank in the coalition
Expansion of a flotilla Expansion of a flotilla
Accept 1 person to the coalition
Galactic banker Galactic banker
Obtain 500 credits
Collector of rarities Collector of rarities
Obtain 100 neutron
Constructor Constructor
Change the quality of one of your companions to ordinary
Aspiration to the stars Aspiration to the stars
Became the admiral of the race
Race leader Race leader
Became the high commander of the race
Galactic guard Galactic guard
Complete 1 contract
Weapon mechanic Weapon mechanic
Build a turret
Engineer Engineer
Build a fortification
Founder Founder
Build an outpost
Space studying Space studying
Visit 10 systems