NASCAR Heat Evolution Achievement List

Rookie Rookie
Race 10 races
Pro Pro
Race 25 races
Veteran Veteran
Race 50 races
Hall of Famer Hall of Famer
Race 100 races
Legend Legend
Race 200 races
Checkered Flag Checkered Flag
Win a race
Movin' On Up Movin’ On Up
Win 10 races
All I Do is Win All I Do is Win
Win 25 races
No Longer Rusty No Longer Rusty
Win 56 races
Not Intimidated Not Intimidated
Win 77 races
Over the Rainbow Over the Rainbow
Win 94 races
Long Live the King Long Live the King
Win 200 races
Points Fan Points Fan
Earn 10,000 speed points
Points Collector Points Collector
Earn 100,000 speed points
Points Afficiando Points Afficiando
Earn 500,000 speed points
Leveling up Leveling up
Earn Player Level 2
V for Victory V for Victory
Earn Player Level 5
Member of the Elite Member of the Elite
Earn Player Level Elite
Done Unlocking Done Unlocking
Unlock all tracks
Test of Endurance Test of Endurance
Complete a 100% length race
Endurance Champion Endurance Champion
Win a 100% length race
Racing at 90% Racing at 90%
Earn a speed rating of 90 or more at a track
Racing at 95% Racing at 95%
Earn a speed rating of 95 or more at a track
Racing at 100% Racing at 100%
Earn a speed rating of 100 or more at a track
Racing Elite Racing Elite
Earn a speed rating of Elite at a track
Tour the Tracks Tour the Tracks
Raced all tracks
Road Warrior Road Warrior
A win at all road tracks
Short and Sweet Short and Sweet
A win at all short tracks
Best At All The Rest Best At All The Rest
A win at all speedway tracks
Super Speedsters Super Speedsters
A win at all super speedway tracks
Small Step Small Step
Started a season
Proven Champion Proven Champion
Win a season
Sprint Cup Champion Sprint Cup Champion
Win the Sprint Cup
Who Am I? Who Am I?
Create a character
Franchise Racer Franchise Racer
Get a Primary Sponsor
Fully Sponsored Fully Sponsored
Get all Secondary Sponsor Slots
Earn a Little Extra Earn a Little Extra
Complete a Secondary Sponsor Challenge
Tweak It Just a Little Tweak It Just a Little
Purchase first upgrade
State of the Art Garage State of the Art Garage
Purchase all facility upgrades
Fully upgraded Fully upgraded
Purchase all upgrades
Established Competitor Established Competitor
Win 1st career win
Career Champion Career Champion
Win the Sprint Cup in Career Mode
Millionaire Millionaire
Earn $1,000,000
Rookie No More Rookie No More
Finish 1st career season
Career Veteran Career Veteran
Finish 2nd career season
Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted
Unlock 1st Challenge
Challenge! Challenge!
Unlock half of the Challenges
Take on All Challengers Take on All Challengers
Unlock all Challenges
Challenge Accomplished Challenge Accomplished
Complete 1st Challenge
Force to be Reckoned With Force to be Reckoned With
Complete # (half of the) Challenges
King of the Hill King of the Hill
Complete all Challenges
Online Rookie Online Rookie
Race a Multiplayer Race
Online Victory Online Victory
Win a Multiplayer Race