Nary Achievement List

Getting started Getting started
Complete the tutorial
Let's play a game Let’s play a game
Kill 50 enemies in a single run
Another perspective Another perspective
Jump 500 times
Hardcore starts here! Hardcore starts here!
Beat one level on high difficulty
More buttons to press! More buttons to press!
Use any special ability
Where is the floor? Where is the floor?
Use “Double Jump” 50 times
At least you tried.. At least you tried..
Die without killing a single foe
I'm proud of you! I’m proud of you!
Beat the game
Friendship is magic! Friendship is magic!
Find a secret in credits
Is it salt in my eye? Is it salt in my eye?
Beat one level with “Sunken tombs” mode
Heart of pure steel Heart of pure steel
Replenish the lost hearts 5 times
Grinding has started! Grinding has started!
Get 100 coins in a tutorial
As fast as a lightning! As fast as a lightning!
Manage to skip 10 enemies on a single level
..esreveR ..esreveR
Fail to press the correct button 100 times
Hot and spicy! Hot and spicy!
Beat “Deserted Paradise”
Punks are never dead Punks are never dead
Beat “Ancient Graveyard”
Handling the heights Handling the heights
Beat “Barren Mountains”
Run like the wind! Run like the wind!
Beat “Mysterious Forest”
Viridian, is that you? Viridian, is that you?
Beat “Gloomy Caves”
Dead but not cracked Dead but not cracked
Eliminate 20 skeletons while being dead
Snoop Snoop
Perform a hard rrestart of the game
Not today, aliens! Not today, aliens!
Survive a laser attack
Going home Going home
Fly away from the map
Am I doing it right? Am I doing it right?
Die on the ceiling 5 times
Sonex Sonex
Die on spikes 3 times
Mirage Mirage
Die near the finish
Great merchant! Great merchant!
Spend orbs 10 times
Haven't you discovered Ebay? Haven’t you discovered Ebay?
Hold 750 coins in your hands
Is it even possible? Is it even possible?
Beat one level with “Bolt” mode
In a blink of an eye! In a blink of an eye!
Survive 25 eye clips
What a lucky day! What a lucky day!
Pick up 100 coins