Nanotris Achievement List

Queenslayer Queenslayer
Ugh, I hate maggots
Peacemaker Peacemaker
I don’t believe in guns
Unscathed Unscathed
Not even a scratch
Risky business Risky business
Cubes? Bah, I don’t need any to beat you
Pest control Pest control
Someone called for an exterminator?
Juggernaut Juggernaut
Do these cubes make me look fat?
No cheating No cheating
Special weapons are for sissies
Hexagon lover Hexagon lover
Unlimited power!
Really? Really?
R.I.P. – Killed by a critter, ridiculed by all
Explorer Explorer
That’s all the arenas? Better start again
Weapon specialist Weapon specialist
I love the smell of burning cubes in the morning
Disco Inferno Disco Inferno
Never bring a gun to a Dance Off, you’ll lose