Mystik Belle Achievement List

Taker of things Taker of things
Pick up every item in the game at least once.
Herbicidal tendencies Herbicidal tendencies
Get rid of the carnivorous plant.
Thundercat is go! Thundercat is go!
Get zapped by a kitteh.
Clever clogs Clever clogs
Assemble a Leyden Jar.
Snake? Snake? Snake? Snake?
Create a replacement metal gear.
Scary fishing Scary fishing
Retrieve an item from a pool of darkness.
The more you know! The more you know!
Find the first piece of lore.
Environmentalist Environmentalist
Discard all the fluff items
Boom goes the dynamite! Boom goes the dynamite!
Detonate a cave-in.
I don't even! I don’t even!
Travel to another world.
Heart of gold Heart of gold
Give the lizard its home back.
What did I miss? What did I miss?
Get the game’s “good” ending.
Sleepy Girl Sleepy Girl
Complete the game with the true ending.
Respect mah authoritah! Respect mah authoritah!
Never leave a room without a hall pass.
Speedrunner Speedrunner
Complete the game under an hour.