Mystic Saga Achievement List

Explorer Explorer
Locations explored
Night Owl Night Owl
Locations explored in night mode
Master of Shadows Master of Shadows
Locations explored in silhouettes mode
Absent-minded Absent-minded
Failed explorations
Pathfinder Pathfinder
Locations unlocked
Regular Customer Regular Customer
Items bought
Treasure Hoarder Treasure Hoarder
Chests opened
Treasurer Treasurer
Coins spent
Jeweler Jeweler
Crystals spent
Unstoppable Unstoppable
Energizers used
Superstitious Superstitious
Amulets used
Impatient Impatient
Tools used
Inquisitive Inquisitive
Quests completed
Renowned Renowned
Rewards received
Collector Collector
Collections completed
Old Timer Old Timer
Level reached
Determined Determined
Energy increased to
Gambler Gambler
Energy spent
Hunter Hunter
Interactions with Wolf
Horseman Horseman
Interactions with Stableman
Trader Trader
Interactions with Merchant
Scholar Scholar
Interactions with Sage
Initiate Initiate
Interactions with Monk
Beast Tamer Beast Tamer
Interactions with Tiger
Soul Summoner Soul Summoner
Interactions with ghost
Fearless Fearless
Interactions with Spider
Hot Blooded Hot Blooded
Interactions with Ice Dragon
Wanderer Wanderer
Interactions with Woodsman
Birdcatcher Birdcatcher
Interactions with Crane
Sea Dog Sea Dog
Interactions with Sailor
Sea Hunter Sea Hunter
Interactions with Sea Monster
Brave Spirit Brave Spirit
Interactions with Bandit
Playing with Fire Playing with Fire
Interactions with Dragon
Wise one Wise one
Explored: Cabin
Journeyman Journeyman
Explored: Smithy
Merchant Merchant
Explored: Market
Reader Reader
Explored: Library
Pilgrim Pilgrim
Explored: Temple
Polite Guest Polite Guest
Explored: Huntress’s Lodge
Careful Careful
Explored: Swamp
Cave Expert Cave Expert
Explored: Cavern
Rock Climber Rock Climber
Explored: Snow Fortress
Diver Diver
Explored: Underwater City
Winged One Winged One
Explored: Floating Islands
Tracker Tracker
Explored: Mysterious Forest
Traveler Traveler
Explored: Desert
First Mate First Mate
Explored: Harbor
Courtier Courtier
Explored: Palace
Tea Connoisseur Tea Connoisseur
Tea Ceremony Collection complete
Master of Keys Master of Keys
Elemental Keys Collection complete
Lord of Dragons Lord of Dragons
Emperor’s Dragons Collection complete
Heir to the Throne Heir to the Throne
Imperial Regalia Collection complete
Fisherman Fisherman
Fish Market Collection complete