Mystery of Neuschwanstein Achievement List

Neuschwanstein gambit Neuschwanstein gambit
Complete chapter I.
Kitchen at night Kitchen at night
Complete chapter II.
Death in the morning Death in the morning
Complete chapter III.
Underworld Underworld
Complete chapter IV.
Hunt for the holy grail Hunt for the holy grail
Complete chapter V.
Golden secrets Golden secrets
Complete chapter VI.
The Scientist The Scientist
Analyze rock samples and Ludwig’s letter.
Hacker Hacker
Solve all the hacking mini games.
CSI Neuschwanstein CSI Neuschwanstein
Take a finger print.
Lost and found Lost and found
Find any of Ludwig’s diary pages.
Historian Historian
Find all of Ludwig’s diary pages.
Parrot from the past Parrot from the past
Listen to Ludwig’s Parrot.
Tomb raider Tomb raider
Discover a tomb.
Master Thief Master Thief
Solve all lockpicking mini games.
Mechanic Mechanic
Repair the shredder and the dynamo.