My Paper Boat Achievement List

Plumber Trainee Plumber Trainee
Achieve 3 stars in Collect mode.
Bullseye Bullseye
Hit all targets in a level.
Ninja Pirate Ninja Pirate
Actually, we think this isn’t possible.
Super Plumber Super Plumber
Get all stars in Collect mode.
Michel Vaillant Michel Vaillant
Get all stars in Rallye mode.
Black Beard Black Beard
Get all stars in Aim mode.
Scrooge McDuck Scrooge McDuck
Find all coins within a level.
Hot Rod Hot Rod
Achieve 3 stars in Rallye mode.
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye
Achieve 3 stars in Aim mode.
Picasso Picasso
You have unlocked all materials.
Pimp my boat Pimp my boat
You have unlocked all assets.
Row, row, row your boat... Row, row, row your boat…
Game is rrrrrunin’ ye landlubber!
101 101
Now that was easy, wasn’t it?