Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Achievement List

Hidden Achievement
Bucketlist Skydive Check! Bucketlist Skydive Check!
Go skydiving and survive
Hidden Achievement
First Of Many! First Of Many!
Get killed by spikes or lava
Hidden Achievement
Darwin Award Darwin Award
Get killed by a bomb as Bomb Monkey
Hidden Achievement
No Escaping Fate No Escaping Fate
Try to escape the Final Boss by boosting to the roof
Hidden Achievement
Character Collection Combo! Character Collection Combo!
Collect one special character using another
Fancy Footwork Fancy Footwork
Avoid killing any bad guys in a level where that’s actually a challenge
0xFF 0xFF
Beat a level with checkpoints disabled
Hidden Achievement
41/41 41/41
Collect all songs
3/3 3/3
Beat final boss without getting hit
0/100 0/100
Beat a level with no gems.
45/45 45/45
Beat the game
Hidden Achievement
21/21 21/21
Collect all the characters
<100 <100
Beat the game with less than 100 deaths