Mutant Mudds Deluxe Achievement List

Launchpad Launchpad
Unlock the path to space.
Victory! Victory!
Beat the game. You’ll know it when you see it.
Hidden Achievement
Earned Your Allowance Earned Your Allowance
Collect all known water sprites and golden diamonds
Hidden Achievement
Dang, Grannie! Dang, Grannie!
Collect all of Grannie’s medals
Hidden Achievement
Wowza! Wowza!
Collect all the spooky water sprites
Hidden Achievement
Renegade Kids Renegade Kids
Unlock all characters
Who Needs 'Em Who Needs ‘Em
Beat a REAL level without using the checkpoint (1-1 doesn’t count!).
Sprinkler Sprinkler
Beat a REAL level without dying once (1-1 doesn’t count!).
Hidden Achievement
Hovercraft Hovercraft
Beat a REAL level without getting hit (1-1 doesn’t count!)
No Pressure No Pressure
Collect 4000 Golden Diamonds, unnecessarily.