Music Inside Achievement List

This Is Perfect! This Is Perfect!
Reach 1,000,000 score!
I'm rich I’m rich
Reach 999,999 Gold!
Hidden Achievement
New friend appears! New friend appears!
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
My first treasure My first treasure
Buy first skin.
King of note King of note
Have all kind of note skins.
King of controller King of controller
Have all kind of controller skins.
Hidden Achievement
Master of Music Inside Master of Music Inside
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Level 100 Level 100
Get 100 level!
Mild Addiction Mild Addiction
Play music more than 100 songs.
Addiction Addiction
Play music more than 500 songs.
Hard addiction Hard addiction
Play music more than 1000 songs.
Magician of combo Magician of combo
Achieve full combo.
Networker Networker
Play music in soundcloud.
Dual core Dual core
Play music with 2 colors.
Triple core Triple core
Play music with 3 colors.
Quad core Quad core
Play music with 4 colors.
Beginner Beginner
Play music with difficulty 1
Take it easy Take it easy
Play music with difficulty 2.
Music is fun Music is fun
Play music with difficulty 3.
A little bit hard... A little bit hard…
Play music with difficulty 4.
The fastest hand The fastest hand
Play music with difficulty 5.
The bookmarker The bookmarker
Play music in ‘My favorite songs’
Baseball Player Baseball Player
Play music with baseball note and controller skin.
Light saber! Light saber!
Play music with lightsaber skin.
The woodcutter The woodcutter
Play music with ax skin.