Mushroom Men: Truffle Trouble Achievement List

Mushroom Adventurer Mushroom Adventurer
Complete the tutorial.
Derp! Walking is Hard. Derp! Walking is Hard.
Fall off the world ten times in one level.
Speed run of less than 2 minutes on any Garden level.
Might As Well... Might As Well…
Jump on a trampoline block 100 times in a row.
Sporific Sporific
Kill an enemy while being shot out of a cannon block.
Like a Boss Like a Boss
Complete a level on Hard difficulty without allowing the princess to get in range of grabbing Pax.
Morel Majority Morel Majority
Complete a level on Normal or Hard difficulty without falling off the world.
Truffle Shuffle Truffle Shuffle
Transform into every one of Pax’s forms.
Boom! Boom!
Launch Pax out of a cannon block.
Acrobat Acrobat
Use a trampoline block.
Shiitake Kicker Shiitake Kicker
Complete an entire environment on three different difficulty levels. (Bedroom excluded)
Frequent Flyer Frequent Flyer
After being launched from a cannon block, fly the distance of 1000 blocks.
Kill 50 enemies.
Truffle Hugger Truffle Hugger
Place a block on top of another block 20 times.
Block Whisperer Block Whisperer
Move 10 blocks.