Munin Achievement List

Jörmungandr Jörmungandr
Complete Midgardr
Ymir Ymir
Complete Jötunheimr
Níðhöggr Níðhöggr
Complete Nifleheimr
Baldr Baldr
Complete Helgardhr
Freyja Freyja
Complete Vanaheimr
Surtr Surtr
Complete Múspellsheimr
 Völundr Völundr
Complete Ālfheimr
Ivaldi Ivaldi
Complete Svártalfheimr
Circus Show Circus Show
Stand on top a rolling boulder for more than 3 seconds
Quadruple Futhark Quadruple Futhark
Light up 4 Runes at the same time
Race the Golden Throne Race the Golden Throne
Finish the last level in 45 seconds or less
Frigg Frigg
Complete Ásgarð
Necromaniac Necromaniac
Die in all the different ways possible
Fiðr Lover Fiðr Lover
Collect 999 Feathers
Vertically Challenged Vertically Challenged
Finish 9 levels without jumping
Orbicide Orbicide
Free 9 Orb spirits
Dipper Dipper
Collect 9 Feathers while underwater
Humor the Devs Humor the Devs
Watch the whole credits at normal speed from the Chapters Menu