Moustache Mountain Achievement List

Unstoppable Unstoppable
Reach the top without dying!
Moustache Gel Moustache Gel
Reach the top of the mountain!
Halfway There Halfway There
Reach Level 7!
I Like Blood I Like Blood
Die from all traps!
Arrow Dodger Arrow Dodger
Successfully dodge 200 arrows!
I Cant Fly I Cant Fly
Fall off the platforms!
Newbie Newbie
Start a new game for the first time!
Aspiring Aspiring
Start a new game 10 times!
Dedicated Dedicated
Start a new game 50 times!
Obsessed Obsessed
Start a new game 100 times!
Bronze Cup Bronze Cup
Complete the game in under 5 minutes!
Silver Cup Silver Cup
Complete the game in under 4 minutes!
Gold Cup Gold Cup
Finish the game in under 3 minutes!
So close, yet so far So close, yet so far
Die on the last level!
That Was Fast That Was Fast
Die within 2 seconds of starting a level!