Mount Your Friends Achievement List

Look Ma, No Hands! Look Ma, No Hands!
Travel 50 feet horizontally without sticking to any surfaces
Best Friends Hold Hands Best Friends Hold Hands
Have 8 climbers in Basic Climb chain holding hands
Stun Out Stun Out
Spin 5 times in air before landing on any surface
Dog Piling Dog Piling
Make a pile of 10 climbers in Basic Climb without passing 11 feet
A Straight Shooter A Straight Shooter
Make a tower 70 feet high in Basic Climb without climbers taking up more than 7 feet of the field’s width
Forking Forking
Have your top 2 climbers at least 60 feet up and 60 feet apart in Basic Climb
Tea Baggers Tea Baggers
Make a tower of 6 teabaggers in Basic Climb
So Lonely So Lonely
Have a climber 40 feet away from any other climber in Man Crafting