Mount Wingsuit Achievement List

250K Combo 250K Combo
Score a combo of at least 250K
1 Million Combo 1 Million Combo
Score a combo of at least 1 million
100% Completion 100% Completion
Complete all objectives, gaps and collectibles
First Box Landing First Box Landing
Survive a box landing
50 Box Landings 50 Box Landings
Survive 50 box landings
Tree Hugger Tree Hugger
Hit a tree
First Pull First Pull
Pull the parachute
100 Deaths 100 Deaths
Die a 100 times
Through The Mountain Through The Mountain
Fly through a mountain hole or tunnel
Medici Tourist Medici Tourist
Visit old Rico
Whale Collector Whale Collector
Collect all ninja whales
Orb Collector Orb Collector
Collect all hidden orbs
Suit Collector Suit Collector
Unlock all suits
Gap Collector Gap Collector
Complete all gaps
To The Top To The Top
Unlock all droppoints
Rage Quitter Rage Quitter
Perform a rage quit
Triple Flip Triple Flip
Perform a risky triple frontflip or backflip
Sick Flip Sick Flip
Perform a risky quintuple frontflip or backflip
Quad Barrel Roll Quad Barrel Roll
Perform a risky quadruple barrel roll
Sick Barrel Roll Sick Barrel Roll
Perform a risky quintuple barrel roll
Survivor Survivor
Complete all survival runs
Pro Recorder Pro Recorder
Complete all record the pros
1 Hour Airtime 1 Hour Airtime
Fly for a total of one hour
Halfway To The Top Halfway To The Top
Unlock droppoint 10
Bullseye Bullseye
Hit a box landing bullseye