Mortal Online Achievement List

Pony Ride Pony Ride
Ride a mount as a fledgling.
Erudite Erudite
Finish the tutorial.
Fatality! Fatality!
Execute someone in mercy mode.
Gonna make you sweat Gonna make you sweat
Visit Sarducaa.
Swan Dive Swan Dive
Fall 120 meters and land in water.
Zerged! Zerged!
Get murdered by a group of at least 5 people.
Polymath Polymath
Have 500 skills on a single character.
Titleist Titleist
Unlock 20 titles on a single character.
It's just a gift! It’s just a gift!
Try to bribe 10 guards.
That's not mine, I swear! That’s not mine, I swear!
Try to persuade 10 guards.
Do you feel lucky? Do you feel lucky?
Try to threaten 10 guards.
Novice lockpicker Novice lockpicker
Successfully pick 15 locks.
Adept lockpicker Adept lockpicker
Successfully pick 50 locks.
Expert lockpicker Expert lockpicker
Successfully pick 100 locks.
Master lockpicker Master lockpicker
Successfully pick 200 locks.
Novice tamer Novice tamer
Successfully tame 15 pets.
Adept tamer Adept tamer
Successfully tame 50 pets.
Expert tamer Expert tamer
Successfully tame 100 pets.
Master tamer Master tamer
Successfully tame 200 pets.
Novice dominator Novice dominator
Successfully dominate 15 pets.
Adept dominator Adept dominator
Successfully dominate 50 pets.
Expert dominator Expert dominator
Successfully dominate 100 pets.
Master dominator Master dominator
Successfully dominate 200 pets.
Don't drop it! Don’t drop it!
Hold a relic.
What is it good for? What is it good for?
Be in a guild when a war starts.
Veteran Veteran
See a war end.
Bowman Bowman
Deal 1000 ranged damage.
Marksman Marksman
Deal 10000 ranged damage.
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter
Deal 50000 ranged damage.
Crack Shot Crack Shot
Deal 100000 ranged damage.
Assailant Assailant
Deal 1000 melee damage.
Combatant Combatant
Deal 10000 melee damage.
Champion Champion
Deal 50000 melee damage.
Warlord Warlord
Deal 100000 melee damage.
Just in time Just in time
Get saved while being executed in mercy mode.
Jig Jig
Catch 10 fishes.
Lobsterman Lobsterman
Catch 50 fishes.
Angler Angler
Catch 100 fishes.
Trawler Trawler
Catch 200 fishes.
Magician Magician
Deal 1000 magic damage.
Sorcerer Sorcerer
Deal 10000 magic damage.
Wizard Wizard
Deal 50000 magic damage.
Warlock Warlock
Deal 100000 magic damage.
Mender Mender
Heal 1000 HP using magic.
Treater Treater
Heal 10000 HP using magic.
Medicine Man Medicine Man
Heal 50000 HP using magic.
Healer Healer
Heal 100000 HP using magic.
Hypoxia Hypoxia
Hold your breath for more than 150 seconds, then take drowning damage.