Moonlight Achievement List

Bubble Bouncer Bubble Bouncer
Jump on a single bubble 10 times!
Butterfly Away Butterfly Away
Make 30 butterflies, fly away!
Sloppy Jumper Sloppy Jumper
Test those spirit doors!
Nine Nuts Better Nine Nuts Better
Collect 9 nuts for Buko!
The Sign Says The Sign Says
Read every wooden sign!
Puzzled Puzzled
Solve Tupelo’s puzzle within 3 tries!
Hide and Seek Hide and Seek
Find Rosco within 3 minutes!
Absolute Wizardry Absolute Wizardry
Find the secret above the lighthouse!
Make a Wish Make a Wish
Gaze upon a shooting star!
The Flaming Burden The Flaming Burden
Share Inferno’s burden!
Moonlight Moonlight
Complete the game!
Sparkles Sparkles
Walk on the moon!