Moonlight Minions Achievement List

Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
Defeat the Dragon Boss
Shell Buster Shell Buster
Defeat the Shelled Overlord Boss
Constructor Constructor
Build 15 towers in a single level
Fortress Fortress
Build 25 towers in a single level
Defender Defender
Last 50 waves
Strategist Strategist
Last 75 waves
Impregnable Impregnable
Last 100 waves
Moonlit Victory Moonlit Victory
Beat the game on any difficulty
Moonlight Veteran Moonlight Veteran
Beat the game on normal
Moonlight Master Moonlight Master
Beat the game on hard
Smite Smite
Kill a boss using the lightning ability
Seismic Activity Seismic Activity
Stun 15+ enemies at once using the earthquake ability
Bombardment Bombardment
Kill a boss using the meteor storm ability
Flawless Flawless
Complete a map on hard without taking any damage
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Pick up 25+ items on a single level