Mooch Achievement List

Soul catcher Soul catcher
Collect first part of Tulas soul
First step First step
Pass the first enemy
Clever Clever
Make an enemy to fall down
Spider bot Spider bot
Beat Spider bot
The Worm The Worm
Beat The Worm
Hammerstrike Hammerstrike
Beat Hammerstrike
Egdecrusher Egdecrusher
Beat Egdecrusher
503 503
Beat 503
The Mine The Mine
Beat The Mine
Mayestro Mayestro
Beat Mayestro
Giganto Giganto
Beat Giganto
The Eye The Eye
Beat The Eye
Pac-level Pac-level
Finish pac-level
Very clever Very clever
Smash enemy
Teleporter Teleporter
Find teleport sequence
Explorer Explorer
Find secret cave
Undercover Undercover
Get into a follower
Destroyer Destroyer
Shoot enemy with a tank
What's down there? What’s down there?
Fall into a hole
Adventurer Adventurer
Escape from a boulder
Bullet dodger Bullet dodger
Finish Bullethell level
Driller Driller
Make a Drill drill way for you
Do it for me Do it for me
Make enemy to open door
Loud Loud
Trigger an alarm
Find a friend Find a friend
Activate Big G
You have to believe You have to believe
Make a leap of faith
Casual gamer Casual gamer
Finish game on easy mode
Normal gamer Normal gamer
Finish game on normal mode
Hardcore gamer Hardcore gamer
Finish game on hard mode