Monumental Achievement List

No Hints Needed! No Hints Needed!
Complete the game without using any hints.
Hidden Achievement
Dunce Cap Dunce Cap
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Temple Researcher Temple Researcher
Gain access to the alien temple.
Monumental Discovery Monumental Discovery
Reach the alien monument beneath the temple.
Investigator Investigator
Photograph each of the researchers.
Paint by Numbers Paint by Numbers
Photograph each glyph corresponding to a number.
Final Sequence Final Sequence
Photograph each glyph corresponding to the final activation sequence.
New Day New Day
Complete the game.
Thorough Investigator Thorough Investigator
Scan all the data nodes in the game.
Speedrunner Speedrunner
Beat the game in under forty-five minutes.
Jail Break Jail Break
I’m bustin’ out of here!