Monsters Achievement List

Hidden Achievement
God Mode Activate! God Mode Activate!
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Early Access Player Early Access Player
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Game Over Game Over
Insert ยข25 to continue…
Gladiator Gladiator
Killed 100 Monsters!
Grandmaster Grandmaster
Killed 1000 Monsters!
Ashura Ashura
Killed 10,000 Monsters!
Thirst Thirst
Collected 75 Soul Hearts!
Hunger Hunger
Collect 750 Soul Hearts!
Voracity Voracity
Collect 1,700 Soul Hearts!
Abyssal Abyssal
Collect 7,500 Soul Hearts!
Powerful Powerful
Collect 10 Power-Ups!
Mighty Mighty
Collect 50 Power-Ups!
Supreme Supreme
Collect 100 Power-Ups!
Limitless Limitless
Collect 500 Power-Ups!
Exceptional Exceptional
Get a combo of 100!
Flawless Flawless
Get a combo of 250!
Perfection Perfection
Get a combo of 500!