Monsterland Achievement List

Bad Day In Building A Bad Day In Building A
Get out of the derelict prison alive.
First, Do No Harm First, Do No Harm
Leave Turbine, and your former clinic, smeared in blood.
Ascend from the horrors of Bunker City.
Last Survivor Of The Nostromo Last Survivor Of The Nostromo
Reach minimum safe distance from the ship.
Critical Condition Critical Condition
Escape the unthinkable carnage of the Undercity.
Seeing Red Seeing Red
Slaughter your way through Red Bloc territory.
This Is Our Song This Is Our Song
Defeat the man who started it all. Save the world. Live happily ever after. Maybe?
Tulilihium Aahoom Tulilihium Aahoom
You’re a bloodthirsty maniac who deserves respect for beating the game on difficulty level not meant for humans.