Monster RPG 2 Achievement List

Escape Your Cell Escape Your Cell
Escaped the cell in the keep.
Dark Rider Dark Rider
Met Rider and he joined your party.
Water Monster Water Monster
Beat the water monster at the end of the cave.
The Badge The Badge
Traded for the badge.
Rios the Cleric Rios the Cleric
Met Rios and he joined your party.
Gunnar the Builder Gunnar the Builder
Met Gunnar and he joined your party.
The Ring The Ring
Traded for the ring.
The Witch The Witch
Defeated the Witch on the mountain.
Save Flowey Save Flowey
Beat the Golems attacking Flowey.
The Key The Key
Traded for the key.
The Medallion The Medallion
Traded for the medallion.
Beach Battle Beach Battle
Defeated the invaders on the beach.
Milk Milk
Pleased the farmer to get milk.
The Trench The Trench
Blasted a path through the trench to reach the fortress.
Looking Scope Looking Scope
Used the medallion to get the looking scope.
The Altars The Altars
Drained the pool in the fortress.
Tiggy Battle Tiggy Battle
Beat Evil Tiggy in battle.
The Prisoner The Prisoner
Freed the prisoner in the keep.
Archery Archery
Killed the goblin horde with bow and arrow.
Recover the Staff Recover the Staff
Recovered the staff at the top of the keep.
Forest Gold Forest Gold
Found a treasure in the forest.
Possessed Tree Possessed Tree
Found and killed the possessed tree in the jungle.
The Dragon Witch The Dragon Witch
Killed the Dragon Witch at the top of the volcano.
Another World Another World
Travelled to another world.
Tipper Tipper
Met Tipper and he joined your party.
The Light Orb The Light Orb
Traded for the light orb.
Escaped Staff Escaped Staff
Got the staff from King Albert.
Final Boss Final Boss
Beat the final boss.
Into the Sun Into the Sun
Destroyed the evil staff.
Roll the Credits Roll the Credits
Watched the end-game credits.