Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae Achievement List

Kenshi Kenshi
Watch the tutorial
Kenkaku Kenkaku
Clear Easy difficulty
Kengo Kengo
Clear Normal difficulty
Kensei Kensei
Clear Hard difficulty
Hidden Achievement
Mitsurugi Mitsurugi
Clear Very Hard difficulty
Hidden Achievement
Kaina Kaina
Defeat stage 1 boss “Kaina”
Hidden Achievement
Kaiser Kaiser
Defeat stage 2 boss “Kaiser”
Hidden Achievement
Suzuka Suzuka
Defeat stage 3 boss “Suzuka”
Hidden Achievement
Magatsu Kaina Magatsu Kaina
Defeat stage 4 boss “Magatsu Kaina”
Hidden Achievement
Magatsu Suzuka Magatsu Suzuka
Defeat stage 5 boss “Magatsu Suzuka”
Hidden Achievement
Magatsu Hino Tsurugi Magatsu Hino Tsurugi
Defeat stage 6 boss “Magatsu Hino Tsurugi”
Ten Lives Ten Lives
Defeat 10 enemies
Hundred Lives Hundred Lives
Defeat 100 enemies
Thousand Lives Thousand Lives
Defeat 1000 enemies
Your Life is Mine Your Life is Mine
Use Zanshin to defeat an enemy
Prepare Yourself Prepare Yourself
Use Zanshin to defeat 50 enemies
All Must Fall All Must Fall
Use Zanshin to defeat 100 enemies
50 Hit Combo 50 Hit Combo
String 50 hits
100 Hit Combo 100 Hit Combo
String 100 hits
Gleaming Edge Gleaming Edge
Perform the holy technique “Celestial Judgement”
Raging Edge Raging Edge
Perform the holy technique “Divine Wind”
Insight Insight
Perform a Just Guard
Mind's Eye Mind’s Eye
Perform 10 Just Guards
Unmatched Unmatched
Perform a Counter
Untouchable Untouchable
Perform 10 Counters
Flash of Light Flash of Light
Perform a Flourish
Ultimate Light Ultimate Light
Perform 10 Flourishes
Divine Divine
Reach “Mitsurugi” zeal level
Ready for Anything Ready for Anything
Complete all upgrades
Provident Provident
Collect 100,000 SP
Toughness Toughness
Max out Life Gauge
Diligence Diligence
Max out Katana Gauge
Hidden Achievement
Top of Her Class Top of Her Class
Clear Inferno difficulty