Mitch: Berry Challenge Achievement List

Blackberry Juice Blackberry Juice
All blackberries collected!
Tasty! Tasty!
Grab your first blackberry
Colorful Colorful
Unlock all Iguanas in Singleplayer
Getting Stronger Getting Stronger
Complete 5 levels without using health backups
Resilience Resilience
Complete 18 levels without using health backups
Indestructible Indestructible
Complete all levels without using health backups
Use Your Tail! Use Your Tail!
Beat 100 Enemies
Confident Confident
Beat your first Bituru
Tailwhilp Master Tailwhilp Master
Beat 100 Biturus
Goodbye Sir Koya Goodbye Sir Koya
Beat the first boss
Insecticide Insecticide
Beat the final Boss
Seriously, I hate bugs Seriously, I hate bugs
Beat over 45 Biturus during the final boss battle
First Half First Half
Complete the first 17 levels
Iguanas can be fast too! Iguanas can be fast too!
Unlock all the golden clocks
Just In Time Just In Time
Complete a level unlocking a golden clock for the first time
Iguana Jones Iguana Jones
Complete Level 6 without receiving any damage
Sneaky Sneaky
Complete Level 19 without receiving any damage
Bramble Master Bramble Master
Complete Level 9 without receiving any damage
Holiday Reptile Holiday Reptile
Complete Level 21
Scales in the Wind Scales in the Wind
Complete Level 22
Serious Reptile Serious Reptile
Find all the Blackberries, Complete all levels without using health backups and Get all the Golden Clocks
Remarkable Reptile Remarkable Reptile
Unlock all the achievements
A New Adventure A New Adventure
Complete the game
Mom! Bring some snacks... Please! Mom! Bring some snacks… Please!
Play 50 local multiplayer matches
Berry Addiction Berry Addiction
Collect Over 3000 Yellow Berries