Minimon Achievement List

Into the box! Into the box!
Captured your first monster
Party time! Party time!
Got a full team of monsters!
Monster collector Monster collector
Got 200 different monsters!
You're now a hunter! You’re now a hunter!
Got a hunter license!
Ace of races! Ace of races!
Won all monster riding competitions!
Flying machine! Flying machine!
Won all monster flying competitions!
Miracle of life Miracle of life
Hatch an Egg!
Professional Breeder Professional Breeder
Hatch 50 eggs
A big one hatched! A big one hatched!
Hatch a giant egg!
Dungeons closed! Dungeons closed!
Slayed at least 5 bosses!
Someone ate too much sugar! Someone ate too much sugar!
Have your team eat at least 25 candies!
Feeding time! Feeding time!
You gave some food to a monster and it was devoured!
From rags to riches! From rags to riches!
You accumulated got tons of gold!
Gold, gold, gold! Gold, gold, gold!
You were lucky and found some gold in the mines!
Ride with the wind! Ride with the wind!
You know how to ride a monster!
That's a rare fossil collection! That’s a rare fossil collection!
You collected and resurrected at least 5 fossils!
Wow, the white tooth? Wow, the white tooth?
Survived a shark encounter!
It stinks! It stinks!
You cleaned too much poo already!
Limit break! Limit break!
Release your inner powers during a battle!
Huge power! Huge power!
A one-hit KO in a max level enemy!
A bag full of spoils! A bag full of spoils!
You collected more than 50 monster spoils!
Too many hats! Too many hats!
You collected more than 20 different hats!
Colosseum champion! Colosseum champion!
You did a 50 battle streak in the colosseum!
Starite poacher! Starite poacher!
You won found 20 or more pieces of starite!
A true bookworm! A true bookworm!
Collected 20 or more tomes!
Potion brewmaster! Potion brewmaster!
Brewed 50 or more potions!
Brewed a life potion! Brewed a life potion!
Brewed a extremely difficult life potion!
The key was golden! The key was golden!
Found a golden key during a battle!
All chests are empty now! All chests are empty now!
You found and opened 50 chests!
Space voyage! Space voyage!
You went to space and came back!
An encounter with darkness! An encounter with darkness!
You found a wild Darkyan!
Clubbing in the card club! Clubbing in the card club!
Defeated the master of the card club!
Harvest season! Harvest season!
Harvested at least 20 crops!
Crafting with iron! Crafting with iron!
Crafted at least 20 metal objects
A ton of buried loot! A ton of buried loot!
Dug at least 20 items
Robes are lame! Robes are lame!
Defeated a Elite Skull
A true explorer! A true explorer!
Visited at least 100 different locations
Growing up! Growing up!
You just left your town for the first time!
First arena victory! First arena victory!
You won againt an arena master for the first time!