MiniDrivers Achievement List

Ivanovich Tournament Champion Ivanovich Tournament Champion
Get all the starts at the Ivanovich Tournament
Asiatic Tour Champion Asiatic Tour Champion
Get all the stars at the Asiatic Tour
European Tour Champion European Tour Champion
Get all the stars at the European Tour
American Tour Champion American Tour Champion
Get all the stars at the American Tour
First driver champion First driver champion
Get all the stars at the First driver tournament
MiniDrivers tournament Champion MiniDrivers tournament Champion
Get all the stars at the MiniDrivers tournament
Il Capo Il Capo
Finish the Red Rocket challenge with the #1 driver of the team
Gentleman Gentleman
Finish the Silver star challenge with the #1 driver of the team
MiniDriver I Champion MiniDriver I Champion
Win the MiniDrivers season in normal level
MiniDriver II Champion MiniDriver II Champion
Win the MiniDrivers season in high level
MiniDriver III Champion MiniDriver III Champion
Win the MiniDrivers season in extreme level
The best sunday driver The best sunday driver
Win a reward at the Weekend Tournament
Collector Collector
Unlock 20 cars
Teaser Teaser
Win a race crossing the finish line backwards
Pacifist Pacifist
Win a race without using a power up
Experience driver Experience driver
Finish 100 races
Tuning master Tuning master
Get the 100% of the performance of a car
PowerUp master PowerUp master
Get the 100% of all the power ups of the car
Full Equip Full Equip
Get the 100% of performance and power ups of a car
Great driver Great driver
Finish a race without going out of the track limits
In every place In every place
Win a race in every track
Monaco without brakes Monaco without brakes
Finish the Monaco track without braking
Turbo master Turbo master
Use the turbo 50 times
Steamroller master Steamroller master
Use the steamroller 50 times
Oil master Oil master
Use the oil 50 times
Boomerang master Boomerang master
Use the boomerang 50 times
Safety Car master Safety Car master
Use the safety car 50 times
Freeze-o-Kimi master Freeze-o-Kimi master
Use the Freeze-o-Kimi 50 times
Tyre master Tyre master
Use the tyre 50 times
Underwater champion Underwater champion
Win a race by falling three or more times into the water
The worst driver The worst driver
Finish a race making respawn 20 or more times
Under the rain Under the rain
Win a race under the rain
Fast and furious Fast and furious
Win a race without braking
The last box The last box
Finish third on a race
Bad aiming Bad aiming
Hit yourself with the tyre that you threw
Tifosi Tifosi
Win in Italy with Red Rocket
Three in a row Three in a row
Destroy three cars in a row with the steamroller
Five in a row Five in a row
Destroy five cars in a row with the steamroller
Perfect season Perfect season
Finish the season with 25 or more points against your rivals
In a roll In a roll
Win 5 races in a row
Perfection in person Perfection in person
Win in Monaco without crashing
The comeback The comeback
Go from 8th to the 1st in on the first lap on a rainy race
Freeze revenge Freeze revenge
Under the effects of the Freeze-o-Kimi, freeze the one that hit you
Bad name Bad name
Win with a Minotus crashing all your rivals