Mini Metal Achievement List

First Blood First Blood
Reach 200 total kills
Pocket Change Pocket Change
Collect total 200 coins
Mini Mettle Mini Mettle
Deal a total of 2,000 damage
Warmed Up Warmed Up
Reach wave 10
Money Minded Money Minded
Collect total 1,000 coins
Making A Mark Making A Mark
Reach 1,000 total kills
Long Road Ahead Long Road Ahead
Reach wave 20
A Show Of Force A Show Of Force
Deal a total of 10,000 damage
Long Term Investment Long Term Investment
Collect total 3,000 coins
Relentless Hunter Relentless Hunter
Reach 800 total kills
Driving Deeper Driving Deeper
Reach wave 50
Brutal Remodelling Brutal Remodelling
Deal a total of 50,000 damage
Windfall Windfall
Collect total 10,000 coins
Unstoppable Unstoppable
Reach 10,000 total kills
March Of Progress March Of Progress
Reach wave 100
Trail Of Destruction Trail Of Destruction
Deal a total of 100,000 damage
Fat Stacks Fat Stacks
Collect total 50,000 coins
Living By The Sword Living By The Sword
Reach 50,000 total kills
The Road To Victory The Road To Victory
Reach wave 200
Killing Fields Killing Fields
Deal a total of 500,000 damage
Jackpot Jackpot
Collect total 100,000 coins
Grim Reaper Grim Reaper
Reach 100,000 total kills
Behind Enemy Lines Behind Enemy Lines
Reach wave 500
Force of Metal Force of Metal
Deal a total of 1,000,000 damage
Rags To Riches Rags To Riches
Collect total 500,000 coins
Harbinger Of Death Harbinger Of Death
Reach 500,000 total kills
End Of The Line End Of The Line
Reach wave 1,000
Ashes to Ashes Ashes to Ashes
Deal a total of 5,000,000 damage