MIND Path to Thalamus E.Edition Achievement List

Zehn moment Zehn moment
Finish the level at the shallow sea with 4 mirrors under 90 seconds.
Nívola Nívola
Discover Fog.
Night Shift Night Shift
Discover Night.
I wanna know...! I wanna know…!
Discover Rain.
Wheel of time Wheel of time
Discover Time.
Family Matters Family Matters
Defeat the Colossus.
The Dark Tower The Dark Tower
Access the Skyscraper.
Nevermind Nevermind
Turn all four mirrors to get to Sophia.
Antelope Antelope
Find the antelope and solve the puzzle.
Meaningful nonsense Meaningful nonsense
Discover the meaning of the picture in the hall.
The tree motif The tree motif
Glimpse the Thalamus for the first time.
Trolldev Trolldev
Finish the second level at the woods in less than 60 seconds.
Holy cow! Holy cow!
Spot the magic flying cow.
Walking in the fog Walking in the fog
Go through the whole “Badlands 2” level at night.
Ready to fight Ready to fight
Face your memories.
Aftermath Aftermath
Find the remains of the bed in the cave
Aftermath II Aftermath II
Find the remains of the closet in the forest
Cinco Jotas Cinco Jotas
Worship the sacred jam at the rocks.
Ninja Ninja
At the hospital, avoid the Evil Balls of Death.
Hidden Achievement
Blissy moment Blissy moment
Throw the ball in the cave and cry with it’s delicious sound.
Hidden Achievement
The garden in the temple. The garden in the temple.
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Mind: Path to Amsterdam Mind: Path to Amsterdam
Find the mushroom and solve the puzzle.
Clear night in Uyuni Clear night in Uyuni
Find the blue coral and solve the puzzle.