MilitAnt Achievement List

For the Colony! For the Colony!
Beat Level 1 on any mode
The colony Strikes Back! The colony Strikes Back!
Beat Level 2 on any mode
AirHopper Strike AirHopper Strike
Beat Level 3 on any mode
One Ant Army One Ant Army
Beat Level 4 on any mode
BattleLog BattleLog
Beat Level 5 on any mode
MeleetAnt MeleetAnt
Beat Level 6 on any mode
Arachnid Offensive Arachnid Offensive
Beat Level 7 on any mode
Scorp-Ops Scorp-Ops
Beat Level 8 on any mode
LieutenAnt LieutenAnt
Beat the game on any mode
Unsung Hero Unsung Hero
Beat The Game on rank mode
Arsenal Arsenal
Collect every weapon in the game
Economic Warfare Economic Warfare
Find all hidden crystalite in every level
Medals Of Honor Medals Of Honor
Complete every task in all levels