Miko Gakkou Monogatari: Kaede Episode Achievement List

Normal Normal
Finished with normal ending
Happy Happy
Finished with best ending
Sad Sad
Finished with worst ending
Fox Fox
Finished with Honoka ending
Tama Tama
Finished with Tama ending
Oni Oni
Finished with Kiki ending
Complete Complete
Finished all endings
Hunter Hunter
Beat Honoka
Grateful Grateful
Prayed at school once
Faithful Faithful
Prayed at forest once
Devout Devout
Prayed at least 10 times
Fanatic Fanatic
Prayed at least 25 times
Japery Japery
Ignored Tsukasa and Kiki
Magic Magic
Listened to Kiki
Affection Affection
Started Ami and Yuka story
Love Love
Finished Ami and Yuka story