Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition Achievement List

Completionist Completionist
Complete all Incidents, Bonus stages, and Hyper stages.
Planet Land Rescued! Planet Land Rescued!
Beat Incident.16.
Bonus! Bonus!
Beat all 5 of the Bonus stages.
Four in Four Four in Four
Complete Incident.04 and fire 4 bullets, or fewer.
Leadfoot Leadfoot
Complete Incident.07 without jumping.
Incident 8, 12 switches Incident 8, 12 switches
Complete Incident.08 and perform 12 switches, or fewer.
Five in one blow Five in one blow
Defeat 5 or more enemies with a single bullet.
Neat Freak Neat Freak
Destroy all the blocks in Bonus.02.
Tidy Up Tidy Up
Destroy all the blocks in Incident.09.
Hidden Achievement
Fling It Fling It
Fling a Charger enemy type back into the city.
Super Star Super Star
Par any 8 stages.
Perfectionist. Perfectionist.
Par all Incidents.
You Get A Star You Get A Star
Par any stage.
Hidden Achievement
Tiptoe Tiptoe
Trigger a landmine to explode using your toes and take no damage.