Mighty Switch Force! Academy Achievement List

Victory! Victory!
Beat Course.20
Throwback! Throwback!
Beat all five “Classic” stages
Go getter! Go getter!
Par 10 “Courses”
Superstar! Superstar!
Par all 20 “Courses”
Par it up! Par it up!
Par one “Course”
Double Trouble! Double Trouble!
Par 10 “Courses” with 2 more more players
Color Guard! Color Guard!
Par 4 “Courses” with 4 players
Adversarial! Adversarial!
Complete 3 matches of VS. Mode
Neat Freak! Neat Freak!
Destroy all blocks in Course.04
Hidden Achievement
Gotcha! Gotcha!
Shoot a “spider” enemy out of the air
Hidden Achievement
Kick That Baby! Kick That Baby!
Kick a “Bomb Baby” in VS. Mode