Mighty Gunvolt Achievement List

Boss Beatdown Boss Beatdown
Defeat a boss
A Peaceful Approach A Peaceful Approach
Reach a boss without defeating any enemies
Blue Butterfly Blue Butterfly
Discover the hidden butterfly
Master of Lightning Master of Lightning
View Gunvolt’s ending
Master of Love Master of Love
View Ekoro’s ending
Master of Might Master of Might
View Beck’s ending
Old-School Cool Old-School Cool
Obtain more than 30,000 points in a single stage
Stockpiler Stockpiler
Obtain 9 lives
Unscathed Hero Unscathed Hero
Defeat a boss without taking damage
Shot to the Heart Shot to the Heart
Befriend 10 enemies in one stage with Ekoro
Super Combo Super Combo
Get a x1.50 combo
Perfection Perfection
Clear all 9 stages with any character