METAL SLUG 2 Achievement List

Rookie Rookie
Clear Mission 1
Soldier Soldier
Clear Mission 2
Warrior Warrior
Clear Mission 3
Master Ninja Master Ninja
Clear Mission 4
Super Warrior Super Warrior
Clear Mission 5
Hero Hero
Clear game (Final Mission)
Weapon Master Weapon Master
Collect all weapons
Team Play Team Play
Play with all characters
200 Tombs 200 Tombs
Kill 200 soldiers
2000 Tombs 2000 Tombs
Kill 2000 soldiers
Grenade Lover Grenade Lover
Throw 50 grenades
Grenade King Grenade King
Throw 200 grenades
Nurse Nurse
Save 50 POWs
The King of Recovery The King of Recovery
Save 200 POWs
Master of Metal Slug 2 Master of Metal Slug 2
Finish game without using continue