METAGAL Achievement List

More lives than a cat More lives than a cat
collect more than 9 gears
Broken Shield Broken Shield
defeat GAL01
Fireworks Festival Fireworks Festival
defeat GAL03
You just too Easy You just too Easy
defeat GAL0X
Size is no matter Size is no matter
complete fortress 2
This's all you got? This’s all you got?
complete fortress 3
Thank you Metagal Thank you Metagal
complete fortress 4
Tutorial is for noob Tutorial is for noob
complete tutorial
Such OP! Such OP!
Collect all powerups
C'mon it's not that hard! C’mon it’s not that hard!
Die over 20 times in one level
How that even possible? How that even possible?
beat any level in less than 3:40 minutes
I'm blue because I must! I’m blue because I must!
watch intro without skip
Supreme Player Supreme Player
Get Rank S on every level
Just like home Just like home
complete all levels in PAR
Cya in Metaloid Origin Cya in Metaloid Origin
Complete the game once
Perfect Shield Perfect Shield
Complete the game using gal 01
Kill it with fire! Kill it with fire!
Defeat Final Boss with Dash GAL
Taste my freedom! Taste my freedom!
Defeat Final Boss with Buster GAL
Event Horizon Event Horizon
Defeat Final Boss with Warp GAL
Total Victory Total Victory
Finish the game with all characters