Message Quest Achievement List

Responsibility Stool Responsibility Stool
Sit on the Responsibility Stool.
First Princess First Princess
Find the first princess.
Call to Adventure Call to Adventure
Take the scroll.
Second Princess Second Princess
Find the second princess.
Interworld Road Interworld Road
Merge roads for the first time.
Mother Leh Mother Leh
Survive the Innkeeper’s attack.
Kissing Magic Kissing Magic
Everyone needs to try it.
Unknown Story Unknown Story
Tell a story that nobody’s heard before.
King of Bards King of Bards
Persuade the King of Bards.
Laziness Laziness
Defeat Laziness.
Madlen's Song Madlen’s Song
Become a true hero.
Fall of Avarange Fall of Avarange
Save the refugees.
Delivering Delivering
Make yourself useful.
Farewell Farewell
Get all the answers.
Neither Snow, Nor Rain Neither Snow, Nor Rain
Restore the banner.
Worlds' Remnants Worlds’ Remnants
Put together the scroll.
Poor Yorick Poor Yorick
Meet with Yorick.
Hidden Achievement
Don't Touch the Glow Bottle Don’t Touch the Glow Bottle
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