Mesel Achievement List

Starter Starter
Start a new Novel
Flashback Flashback
Add First Memory From Past To Your Novel
Keep Going Keep Going
Start First Chapter
Fireman Fireman
Escape From Fire
Dont Miss A Thing Dont Miss A Thing
See The Patitents Room Memory
I See Dead People I See Dead People
See The Ghost First Time
Keep Wrting Keep Wrting
Start Second Chapter
Ghost Talker Ghost Talker
Talk With the Ghost Kid
80's Light 80’s Light
Find Purple Lamp
Tag Tag
Win Tag Game
Detective Detective
Find Secret Passage
Learner Learner
Learn The Past Of Ahmet
Classic Puzzle Solver Classic Puzzle Solver
Solve The Base Puzzle
One More to Go One More to Go
Start Last Chapter
Santa Claus Santa Claus
Bring The Toys to Rooms
Runner Runner
Reach The Door at Time
Swimmer Swimmer
Escape From Morgue
I Know Everyting I Know Everyting
See The End
Writer Writer
Finish The Novel
Combination Combination
Solve The Elevator Puzzle