Merchants of Kaidan Achievement List

The Mole The Mole
Visit all mines within 60 days
Careless Careless
Take a loss on 3 transactions conducted in 3 different locations visited in a row
Adventurer Adventurer
Complete 50 quests
Great Adventurer Great Adventurer
Complete 100 quests
Millionaire Millionaire
Collect 1 000 000 trigons
Miner Miner
Become an owner of 3 operating mines
Bacchus Bacchus
Become an owner of 3 operating vineries
High frequency trader High frequency trader
Complete 50 transactions within 50 days
Double money Double money
Within 50 days multiply your wealth twofold
International trader International trader
Complete 3 transactions in all 3 regions within 25 days
Jeweller Jeweller
Collect 50 diamonds
Real money Real money
Collect 10 000 trigons
Mr Fogg Mr Fogg
Visit all the sea ports within 80 days
Frequent Flyer Frequent Flyer
Travel with the airship 10 times in a row
Supplicant Supplicant
Buy 100 cards in the shrines
Lucky Lucky
Retain maximum luck for 25 days in a row
Jinx Jinx
Retain minimal luck for 25 days in a row
Multitrade Multitrade
Buy and sell each of the available goods at least once
Traveller Traveller
Visit all the locations
Gadgeteer Gadgeteer
Collect 16 different items
Dark Council Dark Council
Obtain the highest rank in the Dark Council – the golden chain
Monster Slayer Monster Slayer
Kill your first monster