Men of War: Condemned Heroes Achievement List

Baptism by Fire Baptism by Fire
Survive the first engagement
Soldier Soldier
Complete the “Flanking Blow” mission
Assist Assist
Complete the “Icy Font” mission
Veteran Veteran
Complete the “Reckless Advance” mission
Impetuous Impetuous
Complete the “Perilous Crossing” mission
Hard Day Indeed Hard Day Indeed
Complete the “It Was A Hard Day” mission
Valourous Valourous
Complete the “Fiery Foothold” mission
Tactician Tactician
Complete the “Smart Plan” mission
For Courage For Courage
Complete the “Boundless Valor” mission
Encirclement Encirclement
Complete the “Closing the Circle” mission
King of the Hill King of the Hill
Complete the “Point of Command” mission
Liberator Liberator
Complete the “Making the Fortress Fall” mission
Medal for Military Merit Medal for Military Merit
Complete the “Final Combat” mission
Order of the Red Star Order of the Red Star
Repay your debt to the Motherland