Memoir En Code: Reissue Achievement List

Curious Curious
Key: Pieces
Endless kiss Endless kiss
Key: ├śresund
Dutch fundamentals Dutch fundamentals
Key: Oranje
A complex is forever A complex is forever
Key: Otoloop
Wavespotter Wavespotter
Key: S.S.S.
Precise Precise
Key: Precisione
Wicked game Wicked game
Key: Lei Disse
Tell me more Tell me more
Read through all the dev commentary parts
Full immersion Full immersion
Play until the end without skipping a single track (exc. Otoloop)
Memoir De Code Memoir De Code
Nine keys, one message
44.4 44.4
Find 44.4% of the decoding keys
One step left One step left
Find every decoding key
Decoded Decoded
A message for you