Meltdown Achievement List

Boot Camp Boot Camp
Finish tutorial.
Arsenal Arsenal
Own all weapons.
Pumped Up Pumped Up
Max out all skills.
Locked & Loaded Locked & Loaded
Upgrade a weapon to the maximum level.
Flawless Flawless
Complete a mission without losing any health.
Ranked Up Ranked Up
Obtain a 3 star rank on a mission.
Veteran Veteran
Destroy 1000 bots.
Collector Collector
Destroy an enemy of each type.
Teamwork Teamwork
Finish an online game.
Full House Full House
Finish an online game with 4 players.
Speedy Speedy
Complete a mission in less than 2 minutes.
Slice'em Up Slice’em Up
Destroy 30 bots with a melee weapon.
Barbecue Barbecue
Destroy 30 bots with the Flamer.
Shocking Shocking
Destroy 30 bots with the Shocker.
Entrepreneur Entrepreneur
Collect 5000 Coins.
Tech Wizard Tech Wizard
Collect 100 Chips.
Rage Rage
Reach 100% Critical Strike with the Fury skill.
Onliner Onliner
Complete 10 online games.
Microwave Microwave
Pickup 10 Nukes.
Sluggish Sluggish
Destroy 30 bots with the Shotgun.
Had a Blast! Had a Blast!
Destroy 30 bots with the Grenade or Rocket Launcher.
Beast Beast
Do a Multi-Kill.
Loco Loco
Melee Kill a Fuel Bot.
The Prestige The Prestige
Get Level 1 Prestige
Meltdown Master Meltdown Master
Get Level 3 Prestige
Mortar Kombat ! Mortar Kombat !
Destroy The Barrager
Call Security ! Call Security !
Destroy The Enforcer
Ohm my God ! Ohm my God !
Destroy The Electrocutioner