Mechs & Mercs: Black Talons Achievement List

Ship Engineer Ship Engineer
Buy all the upgrades for the Paladin.
Veteran Army Veteran Army
Have a unit survive 10 battles.
Elite Company Elite Company
Develop a squad’s skills to its maximum level.
Mech Warrior Mech Warrior
Have an operator with maximum skill level.
Raider Raider
Become an ally of the Santo’s Raiders.
Freedom Fighter Freedom Fighter
Become an ally of the Uver Liberation Army.
Cyber Soldier Cyber Soldier
Become an ally of the Revati Global Corporation.
Pirate Pirate
Become an ally of the Northstar Legion.
Noble Noble
Become an ally of House Leonis.
Sky Captain Sky Captain
Attack the enemy with a gunship.
Recruiter Recruiter
Hire 5 new squads.
Oberon Hero Oberon Hero
Help the Noctae Republic retake their planet.
War Master War Master
Kill 100 enemy soldiers.
Surgical Striker Surgical Striker
Complete mission “Incision”
Rescuer Rescuer
Complete mission “Winter Rescue”
Desert Rat Desert Rat
Complete mission “Desert Fire”
Assassin Assassin
Complete mission “Assassination”
Winter Soldier Winter Soldier
Complete mission “Bear Claw”
Survivor Survivor
Complete mission “Black Moon”
Bug Hunter Bug Hunter
Complete mission “Succubus”
Exterminator Exterminator
Complete mission “Swarm”
Saboteur Saboteur
Complete mission “Night Slash”
Unbreakable Defender Unbreakable Defender
Complete mission “Valiant Guardian”
Savior Savior
Complete mission “Wipeout”
Guardian Angel Guardian Angel
Complete mission “Lonestar”
Demolisher Demolisher
Complete mission “Red Citadel”
Heavy Striker Heavy Striker
Complete mission “Bastion”
Finisher Finisher
Complete mission “Battle Axe”
Cultist Cultist
Become an ally of the Eternal Life Cult.