MechoEcho Achievement List

Learner Learner
Complete 5 Levels.
Dextrous Dextrous
Complete 10 Levels.
Skillful Skillful
Complete 15 Levels.
Talented Talented
Complete 20 Levels.
Outstanding Outstanding
Complete 25 Levels.
Master Master
Complete 30 Levels.
Unconventional Unconventional
Complete Level 10 – “Adapting to Scarcity” without using Linear Engines.
Acrobat Acrobat
Complete Level 13 – “Response to Peril” using only one Wheel.
Wayward Wayward
Complete Level 15 – “Not Giving Up” without using Motorized Joints.
Virtuoso Virtuoso
Complete Level 17 – “Spinning the Web” without using Motorized Joints.
Minimalist Minimalist
Complete Level 20 – “Alone, but Able” without using Linear Engines.
Innovator Innovator
Complete Level 27 – “The Tower” without using Wheels.
Climber Climber
Climb the tower in the Sandbox.
Survivor Survivor
Survive a close encounter with the Unlings.
Genius Genius
Complete 5 levels from the first expansion.
Extraordinary Extraordinary
Complete 10 levels from the first expansion.