Mayhem Triple Achievement List

Beat The Game Beat The Game
Just beat it!
Balls Of Steel Balls Of Steel
Cause 20 enemies to be destroyed by testicle bombs.
There's nothing positive about it. There’s nothing positive about it.
Discover the secret to defeating the bunny threat and save the world.
Head Him Off At The Pass Head Him Off At The Pass
Decapitate The Dire Bunny.
Stop Hitting Yourself Stop Hitting Yourself
Destroy the helicopter in a special way.
Deep Fried Bullets Deep Fried Bullets
Find the hidden greasegun in the “Prologue” chapter.
Condom Joke Condom Joke
Find the hidden magnums in the “House of Cards” chapter.
The Right To Bear Bear Traps. The Right To Bear Bear Traps.
Find the hidden Face-Trapper in the “Adobe Acrobat” chapter.
Max Style Max Style
Kill a bunny in midair while diving and holding 2 weapons.
Bunny Genocide Bunny Genocide
Kill 5,359.4 enemies.
Loose Change Loose Change
Buy every available health upgrade and weapon holster.
Are You? Are You?
Save a hostage.
A Bad Enough Dude A Bad Enough Dude
Save every hostage in the game.
Walk Outside Walk Outside
Walk Outside!
The Great Harvest The Great Harvest
Kill 10 enemies with a single sawblade.
Pegging Fetish Pegging Fetish
Stake 30 bunnies to a wall.
Spectacular Finish Spectacular Finish
Score a perfect 10 in death.
Alpha's Omega Alpha’s Omega
Permanently kill the birthed alpha bunny.
Loot Whore Loot Whore
Unlock every tontine treasure.
Nailed It. Nailed It.
Get Georgia Close’s number. You creep.
Slices of You Slices of You
Find a better way to kill a mech.
Hidden Achievement
ElectroCock Therapy ElectroCock Therapy
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Iron Mang Iron Mang
Finish the game without health upgrades.