Master of Orion Achievement List

One Small Step One Small Step
Colonize your first planet
Royal Navy Royal Navy
Destroy 15 Pirate ships
Scavenger Scavenger
Discover 3 Anomalies and Bombard 2 Pirate bases in a match
Duty Calls Duty Calls
Build 2 Marine Barracks
Classified Classified
Build your first Spy Center
Crunch Time Crunch Time
Research 8 Technologies before turn 50
In a Hurry In a Hurry
Colonize the first planet your Colony Ship visits in a match
Real Time Commander Real Time Commander
Command and win your first  Tactical Battle
Business is Business Business is Business
Successful trade with another Race for the first time
Populous Populous
Reach 15 Population Units before turn 35
You Shall not Pass You Shall not Pass
Block all warp points to your home planet before turn 20 
Hungry Game Hungry Game
Develop a Colony that yields 20 Food Points per turn
War Never Changes War Never Changes
Declare War for the first time
Rush Rush
Defeat Orion’s Guardian before turn 150
eXplore eXplore
Visit all systems in the galaxy during a match
Dinner’s ready! Dinner’s ready!
Win a match in less than 100 turns
Area 51 Area 51
Spy on the Humans as a Psilon
Right in the Heart Right in the Heart
Successfully Incite Revolt on a Darlok Colony
Resource Maniac Resource Maniac
Build 10 Asteroid mines inside your empire
No Vacancy No Vacancy
Have 2 planets fully populated
Megalomaniac Megalomaniac
Build 20 Ships before turn 100
Peronism Peronism
Don’t have strikes in any of your colonies for 80 turns
Get Smart Get Smart
Successfully gather information on 5 Colonies in a match via espionage
Collector Collector
Colonize a planet in each possible biome in a match
The More the Merrier The More the Merrier
Engage in combat using a fleet of 20 or more ships
Iran-Contra Iran-Contra
Incite Revolt in 3 different opponents’ colonies 
Get Off My Lawn Get Off My Lawn
Deport 5 spies
Off With Their Heads Off With Their Heads
Kill 5 spies
Exodus Exodus
Use at least 15 Civilian Transports in a match
Turns are Relative Turns are Relative
Buy 30 ships in a match
eXpand eXpand
Colonize every planet in 5 systems
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter
Eliminate all Space Monsters in a match
Old Grudge Old Grudge
Eliminate the Alkari first while playing as Mrrshan
First Among Equals First Among Equals
Win a multiplayer match
I Am Become Death I Am Become Death
Destroy 20 planets with a Doomstar in a match
Unscathed Unscathed
Win by Conquest without losing a single colony
Master of The Universe Master of The Universe
Have at least 1 colony on 20 different stars
Curious George Curious George
Spy on all races during a match
Dangerous Minds Dangerous Minds
Completely research the Tech Tree and win by Conquest
That's no star That’s no star
Destroy an opponent’s Homeworld using the Doomstar
Terror from the Deep Terror from the Deep
Colonize at least 5 Oceanic planets in a match
None Like It Hot None Like It Hot
Colonize at least 5 Volcanic planets in a match
Wild, Wild West Wild, Wild West
Colonize at least 5 Desert planets in a match
Conqueror Conqueror
Invade 10 colonies in a match
Trade Winds Trade Winds
Win by Economic Victory with the Alkari
Secrets of the Earth Secrets of the Earth
Win by Technological Victory with the Bulrathi
Unseen Blade Unseen Blade
Win by Military Victory with the Darlok
Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny
Win by Economic Victory with Humans
Marxist Dystopia Marxist Dystopia
Win by Economic Victory with Klackon
It is me, Your Brother!  It is me, Your Brother! 
Win by Diplomatic Victory with Meklar
Itch to Scratch Itch to Scratch
Win by Technological Victory with Mrrshan
The Nash Ultimatum The Nash Ultimatum
Win by Economic victory with Psilon 
Rule of the Many Rule of the Many
Win by Diplomatic Victory with Sakkra
Group Therapy Group Therapy
Win by Diplomatic Victory with Silicoid
Reptilians! Reptilians!
Win by Technological Victory with Sakkra
I Like it Small I Like it Small
Win by any victory with only 5 planets colonized including your homeworld
Jumper Jumper
Use your Jump Gates 100 times during a match
Science! Science!
Complete the entire tech tree for the first time
Have 7 spies on 7 different races
Warren Buffet Warren Buffet
Win by Economic Victory with 80% or more of the outstanding GMF Shares.
Alien Roommate Alien Roommate
Have a colony with at least 1 Population Unit of another race in a match
Homeless Homeless
Get your capital planet blown up in a super nova
The Creator The Creator
Convert 10 Asteroid Fields / Gas Giants into Inhabitable Planets
Your Neutrality Your Neutrality
Ally with all Races
This Ain't Cheap This Ain’t Cheap
Have a fleet that costs more than 30 Command Points
Flower Power Flower Power
Win the game without building a single military ship
Terminus Terminus
Have a Colony yielding 70 Research Points
A Rose By Any Other Name A Rose By Any Other Name
Rename 100 Blueprints
Attila Attila
Invade 100 planets
Moby Dick Moby Dick
Destroy 5000 ships
Galactus Galactus
Destroy 100 Planets
So Say We All So Say We All
Establish 100 colonies
Can't Make Up Your Mind Can’t Make Up Your Mind
Scrap 600 Blueprints
Shopaholic Shopaholic
Buy 1000 structures or ships
Backstabber Backstabber
Break 150 pacts
Where Credit is Due Where Credit is Due
Watch the credits in full
Hell-O Hell-O
Turn 20 planets into Inferno
Brazil Brazil
Turn 20 planets into Tropical
Cave-dweller Cave-dweller
Turn 20 planets into Cavernous
Feline Paradise Feline Paradise
Turn 20 planets into Grassland
One more turn! One more turn!
Play 1000 turns
Still here Still here
Play 5000 turns
Obsession Obsession
Play 10000 turns
This Is Just the Beginning This Is Just the Beginning
Win by all Victory types with any race
Top of the Class Top of the Class
Win by Excellence Victory for the first time
Kill many, and you're a conqueror Kill many, and you’re a conqueror
Win by Conquest Victory for the first time
Transcendental Transcendental
Win by Technological Victory for the first time
Wolf of the Galaxy Wolf of the Galaxy
Win by Economic Victory for the first time
With Quill and Word With Quill and Word
Win by Diplomatic Victory for the first time
Alkari Mastery Alkari Mastery
Win all victory types with the Alkari
Bulrathi Mastery Bulrathi Mastery
Win all victory types with the Bulrathi
Darlok Mastery Darlok Mastery
Win all victory types with the Darlok
Human Mastery Human Mastery
Win all victory types with the Human
Klackon Mastery Klackon Mastery
Win all victory types with the Klackon
Meklar Mastery Meklar Mastery
Win all victory types with the Meklar
Mrrshan Mastery Mrrshan Mastery
Win all victory types with the Mrrshan
Psilon Mastery Psilon Mastery
Win all victory types with the Psilon
Master of Orion Master of Orion
Win all victory types with all races
Ironman Ironman
Win the game with all races at least once in Hard difficulty
Sakkra Mastery Sakkra Mastery
Win all victory types with the Sakkra
Silicoid Mastery Silicoid Mastery
Win all victory types with the Silicoid